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League of Legends: season 4 and offensive masteries

(Guest post by Reverend Zeratul) My most-played champion/role is Irelia top. I have a few different rune pages that I use, but there are plenty of options to choose from there (personally I like the setup IreliaCarriesU uses). When it comes to masteries, I find that it’s much more limited.

RPG progress 4

Another class (now 28 in total), 9 more skills, more bugfixes. Cleaned up the world map. Moved/added some things, then reduced the size from 400×400 to 300×400. There was too much blank space that wasn’t working – and with too much nothingness, that detracts from open-world exploration (because it would be boring). Now it should be a […]

RPG progress 3

Adding another class, more skills, and a couple of items tied to that class. One more class may be added, but the idea is a bit too similar to a preexisting class, so the possibility is unlikely.

RPG progress 2

Bugfixes, balance changes, more items, 3 more spells, updated sprites/portraits, more NPCs, and now there are 88 unique enemies.