Subliminal Genocide Releases New Album – Subsequent Ulterior Fabrication

Subsequent Ulterior Fabrication

Available for streaming or download at Bandcamp!

For fans of noise, drone, and ambient music.

SUBLIMINAL GENOCIDE describes Subsequent Ulterior Fabrication as “some of the worst music put out under this project. Practically unlistenable by anyone who enjoys music. It’s far worse than the 2007 release The Worst Album Ever, although in retrospect that 2007 album is pretty tame. Subliminal Genocide has descended into the deepest abysses of musical vandalism since then, and then some.”

This album will soon be available at all major retailers, including iTunes and Spotify.

Inter-Label Split EP Between ISMITEWATO and Subliminal Genocide

Out now! The first inter-label split EP between artists at Hagakura Records. Featuring Subliminal Genocide and I.S.M.I.T.E.W.A.T.O. (I Stabbed Myself In The Eye With A Toothbrush Once).

This unique 30-minute EP combines elements of electronic and noise music, along with surprising experimental touches. Take a listen and you may catch glimpses of industrial, jazz, blues, and ambient music.

Stream for free on Bandcamp at either artist page:

Or listen elsewhere:

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Mortem Obire Releases New Album – Halos

Available for streaming or download at Bandcamp!

For fans of doom, drone, and ambient music.

MORTEM OBIRE has been around for a while, and has made big strides in the drone world. Their recent works, including LUX (2016) and DIVINE CATACOMBS (2017), are a fresh breath of air. It’s clearly drone music, bone-shaking and hypnotic, yet with a unique twist to every track. The band’s newest release HALOS continues this trend. The album begins with the epic 32-minute “Ascension,” taking the listener on a spellbinding journey through 3 lengthy tracks. This is an experimental drone/ambient album fans of the genre won’t want to miss.

You can also stream the full album on Youtube:

Subliminal Genocide Releases New Album – Glitch

Available for streaming or download at Bandcamp!

For fans of noise, drone, and ambient music.

This album is particularly unique for SUBLIMINAL GENOCIDE because of the techniques used. GLITCH was created through a process called reinterpretation databending. This involves transforming image files into sounds, then rearranging pieces of audio to make slightly more sense.