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Hagakura Records 2015-2016 album release schedule

All subject to changes. Spring 2015 Mortem Obire – Divine Catacombs Summer 2015 Subliminal Genocide – Diabolically Genocidal Ambiance I Stabbed Myself In The Eye With A Toothbrush Once – Helix IV Autumn 2015 Mortem Obire – Lux Winter 2015 Astra Borealis – Untitled Spring 2016 Mortem Obire – Halos Summer 2016 Subliminal Genocide – […]

RPG progress 5

Work is still moving ahead, just slowly. Balance changes Bugfixes Class changes Adding and modifying skills Icon updates Class system updates Planning regarding a potential art update Redoing beginning parts of the game There are also around 35 classes in the game now, so there may be some scaling back. There needs to be a […]

The IGDA and Harassment

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) was something this organization had considered joining, possibly after the release of our first game (still under development). Their stated mission and resources sounded useful, and they appeared to be an established respected organization. However, with the recent hideous fiasco of their “anti-harassment” statements, joining the IGDA no longer […]