Hagakura Publishing

We usually work with novellas, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, articles, and blog posts. Nothing over 30,000 words unless you have a very compelling sample.

Services provided

  • Copyediting
  • Developmental editing
  • Formatting
  • Interior design
  • Cover design
  • Publishing
  • Websites


Send your sample to: books@hagakura.com

Be sure to mention which of our services you are interested in.

Why work with us?

Quality and experience at a low price. Big names charge $2000 or more for the editing process. Some graphic designers charge more than $500 for a simple cover. Hagakura Publishing is affordable and we don’t skimp on the work we do. We can afford the low prices because we don’t do epic 200,000 word novels. This keeps us sharp and focused.

You can also publish books with us for free. Send an email and we’ll get talking! Please note that not all submissions will be accepted for publishing.

Details and pricing (USD)

Copyediting (aka proofreading) improves on spelling, grammar, accuracy, punctuation, and repeated words. The content of the text (plot, characters, etc) will not change. PRICE: $3 per 1000 words. A submission of the maximum 30000 words will be discounted to $75.

Developmental editing improves the content of the text. Character, plot, organization, development, and so on. This may involve heavy restructuring and editing, along with research and fact-checking. An editor will carefully look over your work and recommend changes. PRICE: $5 per 1000 words, maximum 30000 words ($150).

Formatting involves taking your file(s) and creating an ebook from them. We can create EPUB and PDF files for you, or format a DOC file for Smashwords and Amazon. Interior design means that we make it extra fancy and professional. PRICE: $50 for basic formatting. $100 for advanced formatting. If you want your book formatted for print (non-digital) it costs an extra $100.

Cover design means book covers. You will get a high-quality image that can be uploaded to sites like Amazon. If you want we can also prepare a print-ready book jacket, although this costs an extra 30-50%.¬†You could use a free template you found floating around the internet, and you know that won’t work. Your cover is an essential part of your work. A bad cover will sink your book into oblivion. PRICE: varies depending on your needs. A digital cover tends to be between $100 and $300.

Publishing isn’t something we actually charge for. We would draw up a contract where you give us the rights to publish your work under HAGAKURA PUBLISHING. (You keep all intellectual rights, since it’s your work.) You would get one round of free editing, digital formatting, an ebook cover design, along with a percentage of your book’s profits. Contracts vary from author to author and are always negotiable. PRICE: FREE

Websites are important these days. Authors need a website to keep everything in one place. You need an online space that’s yours. We can set everything up for you, from the ground up. We secure a domain name, a place to put your website, and create a design based on your input. You’ll just need a fill in a few blanks: an author biography, for example. We can hand you the keys and let you go wild with the content, or we can do everything behind-the-scenes for you. PRICE: A one-time fee of $100-500 (depending on what you want).

If you have any questions or comments

We’re happy to listen via books@hagakura.com