What we do

Hagakura Enterprises is an¬†independent art hub. We provide quality entertainment to the world that’s affordable. We’re interested in helping musicians, authors, game developers, and more. Anyone involved in a creative field is welcome here. We want to connect creators and fans to make everyone happy.

As the online world grows with us, more people around the world can find – or create – great content. Some people need a little help with one or both of those. It’s important to be budget-conscious when it comes to the entertainment industry. And that doesn’t mean anyone should sacrifice quality for the sake of their budget.

Who we work with

We have a dozen bands signed to our label Hagakura Records. Hagakura Publishing provide services for authors, including editing. Hagakura Studios is our game development center. We can help with coding, resources, and things like Steam fees.

What makes us unique

We started up in 2006 and have always been expanding. Few independent start-ups can boast of being around for 10+ years. Not only have we accomplished that, we’re still growing, and we invest in a lot of different ideas. Our trifecta of music/books/games gives us an edge in experience and reach. Some like to think that each creative field is wildly different, but we know the truth. Everything is connected, so Hagakura Enterprises doesn’t want to over-specialize. Combining fields leads to a higher-quality background. After all, doesn’t knowledge lead to power?

We put quality ahead of quantity

We have something to offer for everyone. We curate everything we put out: it’s great work and/or interesting work.

Ready to see more?

Reach out to us through social media, check out the contact page, or send an email: info@hagakura.com

A history of Hagakura Enterprises

The company was first founded as Hagakura Records in 2006. It specialized in small print runs of demo CDs and short albums in New York. As the company veered toward writing and gaming, it restructured in May of 2009, becoming Hagakura Enterprises. Hagakura Records remained and continued to be the biggest part. A quiet juggernaut churning out dozens of releases.

Hagakura Publishing was immediately incorporated into the Hagakura umbrella. Editing and writing never stopped, although the early works are now almost impossible to find. Most became repurposed into future to-be-published stories. Online publishing has always been a comfortable place for short stories and collaborative efforts. Hagakura Publishing’s first full novel should be coming in 2016.

Hagakura Studios came into the picture at the same time as Hagakura Publishing. It started as a resource center for various online games, offering guides and other help. A small independent RPG didn’t make its way through development hell. We scrapped the game for not being a high enough quality. In summer 2014 Hagakura Studios picked up steam again, rolling ahead with a massive undertaking. An old-school open-world RPG with a diverse cast of characters and compelling storyline.

In summer 2015, Hagakura Records hit 50 releases. Summer 2016 is the label’s 10-year anniversary.

For 2016, the overall goal of Hagakura Enterprises is to expand into a more serious force. In previous years its expansion was slow and unfocused. While this isn’t a bad thing – quality over quantity – it meant the company risked being stuck in the past. We reassessed levels of energy and ambition.

We look to the future. It’s bright for us all.