The Big Ten-Year Anniversary: 2006 to 2016

The first-ever release under Hagakura Records was an ambient demo from Astra Borealis. It came out on 10 November 2006. Since then, Hagakura Records has facilitated the release of over 50 demos, EPs, full-length albums, and compilation albums.

To commemorate, enjoy a FREE sampler CD of ambient, drone, noise, and other experimental music.

Download or stream from Bandcamp:

Thank you for listening. Now, here’s to 10 more years….

Subliminal Genocide Releases New Album – Compilation Compilation, Volume 1


Available for streaming or download at Bandcamp!

For fans of noise, drone, and ambient music.

This is a compilation album. It collects every track Subliminal Genocide contributed to a compilation so far (plus a never-before-heard bonus track). All songs were recorded between June and December of 2015. They range from 30 seconds to 11 minutes in length.