RPG progress 6

Revising plot, characters, and art style. Depending on how long this takes, the game may be finished in a different engine that has more versatility, as opposed to what’s being used right now.

RPG progress 5

Work is still moving ahead, just slowly.

  • Balance changes
  • Bugfixes
  • Class changes
  • Adding and modifying skills
  • Icon updates
  • Class system updates
  • Planning regarding a potential art update
  • Redoing beginning parts of the game

There are also around 35 classes in the game now, so there may be some scaling back. There needs to be a number between “too much variety” and “too little variety.”

Semideos may also be available for Mac and Linux at some point, but currently it is still Windows-only.

RPG progress 4

Another class (now 28 in total), 9 more skills, more bugfixes.

Cleaned up the world map. Moved/added some things, then reduced the size from 400×400 to 300×400. There was too much blank space that wasn’t working – and with too much nothingness, that detracts from open-world exploration (because it would be boring). Now it should be a little easier to get around and find things.

RPG progress 3

Adding another class, more skills, and a couple of items tied to that class.

One more class may be added, but the idea is a bit too similar to a preexisting class, so the possibility is unlikely.