Hagakura Records: New Standardized Prices

While ourĀ original prices were noticeably lower than the industry average, Hagakura Records recently concluded that some prices were still a bit too high (in comparison with some other indie artist/label releases). To make releases more accessible to the public, all prices for digital releases are going to be lowered (applies to everything, past and future). It’s been almost 10 years since the first release under Hagakura Records, and Hagakura Enterprises strives to continuously improve.

Old prices:

  • $1: demo
  • $2: special release
  • $3: EP
  • $4: compilation album
  • $5: full-length album

New prices:

  • $0: special release
  • $1: demo
  • $2: EP
  • $2-3: compilation album
  • $3: full-length album

Industry standard prices:

  • Varies between $5.99 and $14.99 for a digital-only full-length album (for example, many releases on iTunes and Google Play Music are $9.49)

(Disclaimer: All of the above prices are in USD. Prices are subject to future changes and may only apply to releases through Bandcamp.)

Hagakura Records 2015-2016 album release schedule

All subject to changes.

Spring 2015
Mortem ObireDivine Catacombs

Summer 2015
Subliminal GenocideDiabolically Genocidal Ambiance
I Stabbed Myself In The Eye With A Toothbrush OnceHelix IV

Autumn 2015
Mortem ObireLux

Winter 2015
Astra BorealisUntitled

Spring 2016
Mortem ObireHalos

Summer 2016
Subliminal GenocideRobot Alien Handshakes

Autumn 2016
Mortem ObireVibrations

Winter 2016