Hagakura Records – Free Music

We’ve put together two 10-track sampler albums showcasing some of the variety in our band roster, and they’ll be available for free (pay what you want, including $0.00) on Bandcamp!

The first sampler is primarily drone and ambient music:

=> https://hagakura.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-drone-sampler-2015 <=

The second sampler revolves around noise and experimental electronic music:

=> https://hagakura.bandcamp.com/album/noise-sampler-2015 <=

Both samplers contain a wide variety: old tracks, new tracks, exclusive remixes, and songs that will be on upcoming releases.

Featured artists:

  • Astra Borealis
  • Calabi Manifold
  • Ithil
  • I Stabbed Myself In The Eye With A Toothbrush Once
  • Mortem Obire
  • Roflcopter Attack
  • Subliminal Genocide