RavenBlack Tuning

RavenBlack Tuning (RBT) is an add-on for Firefox.
It modifies the Vampires! A Dark Alleyway page
to include a map and other nifty things.

Problems/questions/anything else? Contact me via e-mail.
This page is plain and has no design/graphics so it loads quickly for you.

Original RavenBlack Tuning page is here.
Installation instructions are here.



*2012 updates:
- Removed red "Vampires!" header to clean up space.
- Fixed some minor typos and incorrect information.
- Changed links/contact.
- Made grid smaller (from original script) so everything fits better.
- Reduced size of code so it should run a bit faster.
- Current as of 30 September 2012

**Compact changes from normal script:
- No minimap.
- No automatic guild updates, so you'll have to add destinations manually (like usual).
- No alt listing/reset, but you can still quickly switch accounts using the arrow buttons (next to 'config').
- HUD can't be changed to look any different but I personally never used it anyway.
   - I suggest keeping "HUD" and "Coordinates" off to keep your view uncluttered.
   - Until I get a chance to remove them, anyway.
- Runs faster and is slightly better for those with slower browsers/internet connections.
- Current as of 30 September 2012

***2015 updates:
- Various small updates since 2012.
- Greasemonkey had an update which kind of broke RB Tuning. There was a fix in 2014 though.
- Current as of 8 March 2015


Potential Future Changes:
- I might try and get the shops to auto-update, but RBT is already pretty clunky and slow.
- Fix pub listings, for pubs that have had their names changed.
- Add new locations.
- Add more informational links.
- Clean up RBT-compact.



RavenBlack Tuning for non-Firefox browsers

RavenBlack Tuning for Google Chrome?

Not yet, but you can try.

RavenBlack Tuning for Safari?

Only for Mac users.
Instructions are here.
E-mail me if there are any problems (I haven't tested it myself yet).

RavenBlack Tuning for Opera?

Installation instructions are here.
RB Tuning doesn't work yet for Opera. Maybe.

RavenBlack Tuning for Internet Explorer?

Nope. Internet Explorer isn't generally the best browser to use.